Paul collaborated with filmmaker Madsen Minax to co-write the new feature-length film Kairos Dirt:

"Taking place in an anachronistic anti-era, "Kairos Dirt" is a feature film that explores the interconnected lives of a polyamorous middle school lunch lady, a 12 year old gender ambiguous child conduit, a mystical mortician, a gender variant elder and book artist, a religious couple grieving the loss of their child, a spiritual medium/phone sex operator/life coach, and a lesbian hospice provider. Narratives intertwine when each discovers a cross-dimensional apparition, who brings them together to venture into a void space/time to (re)visit their notions of self. Each of these characters negotiate the intersections of desire, transformation and death to examine what it means to long for a feeling of 'wholeness.'
I began conceptualizing the film Kairos Dirt over three years ago, wanting to make a film that showed differently sized and aged bodies navigating the complexities of love and relationality beyond the politics of queerness, to think about nonlinear time, youth, growth and death within a framework of sexuality and desire. Most importantly, I wanted to do this in a way in which these issues were not isolated, but fluid, floating in a larger mix of seemingly ordinary human struggles. Kairos Dirt interrogates these themes through a clearly defined narrative trajectory utilizing elements of science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism.
This past May, with co-writer and Assistant Director Paul Kruse, Director of Photography Meredith Zielke, Casting and Locations Manager Eileen Townsend, Second AD Jules Rosskam, Second Camera/Key Grip Lyle Kash, Sound Operator Brett Hanover, and dozens of others, we shot 72 scenes, approximately 303 shots in 18 locations over 15 continuous days of shooting. We made it out, stronger and with 4 terabytes of simply breathtaking footage."
-Madsen Minax