Completed in Houston, TX, in March 2016, memory keep(h)er is a project from dancer and choreographer Jasmine Hearn supported by the Houston Arts Alliance. Jasmine and Paul collaborated to create a series of 7 short dance videos inspired by Jasmine's live performance work.

Using song, dance, and narrative, Jasmine weaves together the shared stories of her grandmother Claudette Johnson, creating an atmospheric meditation on memory, identity, and lineage. As Jasmine says, "memory keep(h)er intends to be an alternative archive that preserves these memories."

memory keep(h)er has screen at the following:
-the CURRENT SESSIONS Volume VI, Issue II: Movement Currency, August 2016 in New York City, NY
-On site /In site May 2016 in Winston Salem, NC
-Barnstorm Dance Festival June 2016 in Houston, TX
-Afronaut(a) October 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA