The Lavender Spell (80 minutes)
10 characters (at least 10 actors, with room for many more actors as part of the "Fey")
The Lavender Spell was written collaboratively with Dreams of Hope's theatriQ Youth Ensemble. The Fey, the world of the witches, is a world without bodies or divisions, without race, gender, or class. Powerful magic forces have torn a hole in the fabric of this world, leaving it vulnerable to the mortal realm. A young witch stands trial. Can they explain what led to this disaster, and why they cast the Lavender Spell? In this magical dramedy, a young witch and a high school GSA try to create a better world at the risk of destroying two. Can they learn the true cost of power before it's too late?
Full Script of The Lavender Spell

The Lavender Spell was supported through a residency with Kelly Strayhorn Theater. It was performed December 2014 at The Alloy Studio in East Liberty.