Paul collaborated as Director of Photography with filmmaker Madsen Minax during fall of 2011 to create The Year I Broke My Voice. From the director:

"The Year I Broke My Voice is an experimental film that re-examines the coming of age narrative. The story follows several groups of socially interconnected ‘adolescents,’ (played by trans adults) providing snapshots of the connections and traumas they experience through each other. The video examines notions of time, memory and nostalgia in trans experiences, the erotics of friendships, and the inevitability of being alone. The script for this project was composed in a collage format by excerpting and adapting texts from three Hollywood coming-of-age films." -Madsen Minax

The Year I Broke My Voice has screened at the Richard Hoggart Cinema at Goldsmiths University in London, UK, 2014; Why Marriage? Arts Festival at Darst Center in Chicago, IL, 2014; De Cavia Filmhuis in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2013; Fringe! Film Festival in London, UK, 2013; TranScreen Amsterdam in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2013; Bangalore Queer Film Festival in Bangalore, India, 2013; and The Block Theatre in Evanston, IL, 2013.