Walldogs (50 minutes)
8 characters (2 actors)
Walldogs weaves together four stories that explore this complex relationship between walls, symbols, and people.
Sample of Walldogs

Pittsburgh City Paper

A 1930’s wall sign painter, or “walldog,” buys advertising space on a rural woman’s home. Two teens tag an abandoned wall. A hipster street artist gets a lesson in economics. And, as in the biblical account, a drunken King Belshazzar seeks the meaning of the writing on the wall from Daniel. What does it mean to write on a wall? What can it tell us about ownership, gender, expression, and value? Saturated with sharp humor and coded references, Walldogs probes a simple action that humans have performed since we learned to draw.

Hatch Arts Collective premiered the piece in concert with an interactive art-making event at Artists Image Resource on Pittsburgh’s North Side, July 25 through August 2nd, 2014.

Walldogs was made possible thanks to The Heinz Endowments.